The Mucky princess

and other stories, by Richard Cleveland

Written originally for my granddaughter, ‘The Mucky Princess’ was conceived as an antidote to what might be called the ‘Pretty (and rather helpless) Princess’.

The Princess is “good looking”, as one of the characters says, but not beautiful or pretty. She is of indeterminate ethnicity and most certainly knows her own mind. In short a modern universal ‘princess’ who follows her own path and for whom all things are possible.

The narrative is traditional Fairy Tale, with many familiar characters and moral message, but the Princess and the outcomes have a treatment that is far from traditional. As friend of mine put it, “A feminist fairy story”, and not just for girls. But it’s not a lecture it’s fun; read it for what it is and let the other things travel with you on the Princess’s journey.

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It all started when...

Over the last few years I have been writing stories for my grandchildren as Christmas and Birthday presents. These particular stories were written for my granddaughter, Sophie, as a birthday present. I noticed how she and many other girls often dressed in very pretty clothes, but this did not stop them playing with friends and quickly making their clothes quite ‘mucky’.

From this grew the idea of the Mucky Princess and how, in our culture at least, the idea of female prettiness and the desire for ‘adventure can often clash. The fairy story is the best example of the fragile and beautiful princess being rescued by the handsome prince, but what if it were the other way round, after all didn’t Beauty rescue the Beast and how many frogs have been transformed by a princess’s kiss?

So out of this the Princess was born, both pretty and mucky, caring and strong, modest and clever. All these things wrapped up in a traditional, but entertaining story with a modern twist.

I hope you enjoy reading the stories as much as I enjoyed writing them and Matthew, my son, enjoyed illustrating them. And…. please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions, ideas and drawings. Hear from you soon!

Happy reading.

Richard Cleveland 


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